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Benefits of Leasing Equipment

Commercial equipment leasing and financing is a valuable alternative for growing businesses. According to the U.S. Dept of Commerce, 80% of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment and technology. In 2010 alone, annual leasing combined in the United States exceeded $625 billion, which equated to over 55% of all capital investments in equipment.

There are several benefits for leasing compared to purchase of office equipment such as:

  • Conserve Capital: It allows you to possess the equipment you need for your business without a large capital outlay from your current operating budget. You pay small monthly fixed amount from your current revenue. Leasing helps conserve cash and credit lines for your operational needs.
  • Tax Advantage: The IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible, overhead, expense. Therefore, you can deduct the lease payments from your corporate income. Please refer to your tax advisor about your specific situation. It also makes your balance sheet attractive if you are looking for more lending or financing.
  • Obsolescence Protection: Technology becomes outdated very quickly, and so is your equipment. With a lease, your avoid risk of owning an obsolete equipment as we offer buyout option to replace your obsolete equipment with modern new technology equipment. This also allows to take benefit of new efficient technology for your day to day work.
  • Flexibility: Your business will continue to grow and when your needs change, you can add to or upgrade your lease using our add-on program.
  • Speed of Credit Approval: Credit approval is usually in the same day through our speeding leasing process. Bank approvals typically take several weeks after you furnish extensive financial documentation.